I’m Allan Reyes

I make beautiful handcrafted websites that work for most devices. I sweat the tiny details and enjoy the process of pushing pixels – visual design, illustrations, icons and coding HTML and CSS.

I have more than 10 years of graphic and web design experience and worked with clients and agencies from around the globe providing a range of creative services that includes visual design for company websites and web applications,  front-end coding (HTML + CSS; Responsive Web Design). I also produce photography (food, stock and lifestyle) and instructional videos. 

If I am not pushing pixels you can find me in the kitchen with my wife and daughter making delicious home cooked meals. I enjoy the thrill and drama of street photography

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This portfolio web site was made on a Mac, using Fireworks to create the overall web design, Illustrator for the lovely SVG artworks and LightRoom for the photography. It's powered and hosted by the amazing Webpop where I hand-code the HTML and CSS (Zurb's Foundation responsive framework).