My Contributions & Responsibilities

I designed and worked as the Design Lead to create both consumer and business users website/app. Create the brand design, illustrations and UI design system. Work closely with the product owner and UX researchers to prototype workflows and build user experiences. As the first hire in the Product Team, I helped define the team members profile, hire and on-board them.

FEATURE: User On-Boarding

The goal for the on-boarding is not only make the user register but to make their first shipment during the on sign-up.

UI for defining the parcel measurements

Warehouse information form

Call to actions offered depending on the user goal during the on-boarding

FEATURE: Bulk Actions for Shipment Drafts

The user need the ability to group shipments by their status and take action with these shipments

UI to select a certain group of shipments and apply a corresponding bulk action to the selections

When all shipments or shipment with different status are selected the only action that can be performed is delete

When shipments with similar status are selected, another action is offered – complete the shipments.

FEATURE: Custom Parcels

A screencast has been produced for a more complex features to show prototype works and used for email feature notifications and in the documentation/support sites.

Application Main View and Features

The main view of the application shows the shipment lists with quick relevant information for each ones. The sidebar offers a grouping of shipments based on the status of the shipments.

Default full main view of the application

Minified Side bar to maximize shipments list view

Shipment with some info missing can easily be completed right in the main view

A shipment page showing its complete information

Brand Design