Work Done

User experience design and UI development for user-facing products and internal applications. Work part of the engineering team and work closely with the product owner to prototype workflows, test and build user experiences.

When I joined the company, they have working MVP but the back-office is a barebone UI and there was a command line interface (CLI) only for generating dynamic video ads from what was called a VideoFactory.

The challenge is create a self-serve product so user can generate video ads from their existing product catalogs, launch the campaign to social media platforms such as Facebook and then manage it.


After the defination and validation of techinal requirements, a low fidelity mockup of the app was produced exploring the feature flow, information structure and navigation.

Interactions on the later iterations of the prototype was done to test usability

Video Ads Template Gallery

Audio Library UI for selecting the background music for the video ads

Data Source UI where users can feed in their catalog in formats like csv or manual fill-in a form

The Dashboard offers a view of the campaign list , their respective information and status. Users can also preview the generated video ads of each campaigns.

FEATURE: Periodicity of Campaigns

The feature goal is to provide users a way to automatically update their campaigns if their product catalog has been changed.